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​​​​​​​​Effie Baker is a long time resident of the Sea-to Sky corridor living in the beautiful Paradise Valley (25 km north of Squamish, 100km north of Vancouver) While working as a whitewater river guide for over 20 years, she acquired the appreciation of the natural world that inspires her work. Baker began taking courses in fine arts at Emily Carr, at Vancouver Community College, and through the Vancouver School Board. Metalsmithing became her focus because of it's infinite possibilities. In 2008, Baker began making jewellery from her cabin in the woods.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Baker is drawn to the water. She spends as much time as possible at her cabin on Texada Island, on the coast of BC, where she spends countless hours collecting the pebbles and sea glass that find their way onto her workbench and into her designs. Baker is continually finding inspiration from being  close to the sea and to the water.

Baker's aim is to create beautiful, quality jewellery that appeals to people who are drawn to individual and unique pieces that are both contemporary and classic. Baker's inspiration is in simple, natural and organic forms. Her jewellery is handmade. No two pieces are exactly alike and show that they are worked by hand.

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